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Everybody’s eyes are unique, and we want to help all of our patients find the right combination of comfort and clear vision that they’re seeking from contacts. Even with healthy eyes, OneFit scleral lenses platform offer a versatile and dynamic solution for athletes and active people.

If you’d like to start wearing contact lenses, or change up your lenses, come visit us for a contact lens exam and fitting.

Types of Specialty Contacts

Rigid Gas Permeable

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) or gas permeable (GP) lenses are breathable lenses that can provide sharper vision for patients with mild astigmatism. They can take a little while to get used to compared with soft contact lenses, but they’re durable and provide crisp vision.

They’re also an option to correct moderate keratoconus, including cases that aren’t helped by eyeglasses.

Scleral lenses are much larger than typical lenses and sit on the sclera (the white part) of the eye. They’re a type of RGP lens that can correct certain corneal irregularities, and they may also work for people with severe dry eyes who can’t wear typical contacts.

The larger diameter of these lenses can make for a learning curve in inserting them, but the results they can provide patients with keratoconus and other corneal irregularity can make a big difference in visual acuity.

Our doctors are experienced in fitting scleral lenses to correct keratoconus and other corneal irregularity. We use anterior optical coherence tomography (OCT) to achieve the best fit possible and take the extra care required for each patient’s unique needs.

A person uses special tweezers to pick up their contact lens out of the contact lens case.

Comfortable Lenses Made For Your Eyes

The right lenses could make a major difference for your vision and comfort. Book an appointment today and learn how we can help.

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