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Vitamins & Supplements for Dry Eyes: What are my Options?

A Snellen chart, an eye glasses and vitamins good for the eyes on a table

For those with dry eyes, it can seem like there’s no end. The stinging, burning, and redness are ever-present. It doesn’t just affect your eyes; it can affect your entire life. That’s why there’s nothing better than getting those dry eyes treated by a professional. While you may have heard about treatments from eye drops, […]

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Do I Need Glasses?

A young woman suffering from blurred vision is squinting her eyes while working on the computer in the office

It’s not always obvious when you need glasses. Vision changes can be misleading—they rarely suddenly appear one day as blurry vision, difficulty reading fine print or street signs, or difficulty with night vision. If you never had to use glasses as a kid, you may believe that you don’t need them as an adult. This […]

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